Hooking Up a Keurig Brewer to a Direct Water Line

Hooking Up a Keurig Brewer to a Direct Water Line

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All About Direct Water Line Hookups

Tired of filling up your Keurig® brewer’s water reservoir tank all the time?

A direct water line enables you to automate this process!

Until recently, only commercial brewers (B150/K150, B155/K155, B200, B3000/K3000 and B300SE/K3000SE) allowed for this convenience. Thanks to some new kits you can now have it for your home brewers and Keurig® 2.0 Brewers.

It can all be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. This will serve as a guide to help you understand your options.

If you have a:

  • Commercial Brewer (B150/K150, B155/K155, B200, B3000/K3000 and B300SE/K3000SE):

You will need a PLUMB KIT. (If you have the K150P, B150P, B3000/K3000, or K3000SE/B3000SE then your brewer is already equipped with a plumb kit).

If you’re like most, and want clean filtered water (without that plastic brewer taste) you’ll also need a filter kit. (UPDATE: Amazon has a new ALL-IN ONE KIT with both the required plumb kit and filter kit).

The PLUMB KIT replaces your existing water reservoir (yes you will end up with an extra reservoir). It comes pre-fitted with direct water line hookup capabilities. Oddly, the plumb kit doesn’t include the little FITTING and ELBOW, or even the WATER LINE that you’ll need to hook it up. Luckily, I found that Amazon offers a SUPER DELUXE FILTER KIT which provides just that. (On the other hand, if you already have these things lying around, this REGULAR FILTER KIT is cheaper and provides just the filter and mounting necessities).

On the other hand, if you have a:

  • Home Brewer (Including, but not limited to: K40, B40, B44, K45, B45 Elite, K50, B50, K55, K60, B60, K65, B68 Special Edition & Signature, K70, B70, K75, B75 Platinum, K79, B79 Platinum Plus, K140, B140, K145, B145 OfficePRO, K200, K225, B225, K250, B250, K350, B350, K360, B360, K300, B300, K400, B400, K425, K450, B450, K460, B460, K475, B475, K500, K525, B500, K550, B550, K560, B560, and K575):

For some reason Keurig doesn’t make plumb kit reservoirs for home brewers. Lucky for you however, you can use ONE OF THESE DO-IT-YOURSELF KITS to make one yourself. Note that the installation does require some manual labor (and requires drilling a small hole in the side of your existing plastic water reservoir). This is a good option for those who don’t mind a good Do-It-Yourself project, while saving a few bucks, and according to the Amazon reviews it seems like a pretty simple process to install.

The cool thing about this kit is that it comes with an inline water filter so you don’t necessarily need to use the little charcoal water filters (which must be replaced every month). Rather, this filter will last an entire year without needing to be replaced (and even then the replacement filter is pretty cheap). These won’t fill automatically, like the commercial plumb kits do. But at least this way you won’t have stagnant water sitting in your reservoir at all times, instead you’ll get fresh water only when you need it.

This is the best option for those who want a quick, simple hassle free installation. Not much plumbing knowledge needed, even my youngest son was able to figure it out for his Keurig® 2.0 brewer (K450).

I plan to update this article with some more information regarding Direct Water Line kits, as I learn more and try out new projects and kits, so check back for more helpful information in the future!  Note: this blog and its articles are written for my own personal enjoyment and I receive no commission on any of the links posted here. Thanks for reading!

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